Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone(LOICZ), Germany

Ronjon Chakrabarti and Ronjon Chakrabarti, Technische Universit?t Berlin visit YIC

March 13, 2017, Ronjon Chakrabarti and Ronjon Chakrabarti, Technische Universit?t Berlin, paid a visit to YIC-CAS for academic exchange.

During their visit,Ronjon Chakrabarti gave an excellent lecture entitled “Introduction to SubSol and experiences from other countries”. In his presentation, Ronjon Chakrabarti introduced water resources management and technical solutions to freshwater problems in coastal zones. Prof. Jian Lu hosted the meeting and gave a brief introduction on the fundamental situation of YIC and Coastal Water Resource and Environment research group. The idea of establishing “Sponge coastal zone”, which is proposed by Prof. Lu, attracted great interests of two experts. Both the German experts and Prof. Lu expressed sincere hope to make further communication and cooperation with each other in common interested fields.

Ronjon Chakrabarti is a Senior Scientist and Senior Project Manager at adelphi. His research and work focuses on integrated water resource management, water supply and innovative water treatment technologies, climate change and renewable energies, technology cooperation and participatory approaches. Ronjon Chakrabarti is currently working as a collaboration manager and leading senior scientist for the Indo European water treatment research collaboration project "ECO-India", aiming at developing energy-efficient community-based water supplies. Jonas Bunsen works as a Research Analyst on water-related topics. His work focuses on actor, policy, and economic analyses, with a view to making possible the transfer of innovative water technologies. He also works on rural and urban water supply concepts and with measures relating to integrated water resource management.